Where to start? Small steps.

Every time I had begun a new diet or change, I’d end up giving up after a week. In the end, I’d end up disappointed in myself. It wasn’t until a friend had told me I didn’t have the proper tools that I realized I needed to do some more research.


I’m beginning my journey with small steps. I’m beginning with a food journal, but I will not be counting calories yet. I am just wanting to start by realizing what I am eating on a daily basis. After doing much research I am grateful that Laura, from I Heart Planners, had some thing fun, cute and perfect for myself! She has so many great free printables on her site and I am so grateful!! Everyone needs to visit her site! To see what I’m talking about…Click Here! Or click the image below 🙂




Since it is the beginning of August and I am almost done with my summer semester at school, I thought that it would be nice to take all my focus on to my health to get a great foundation come September.

There is nothing worst than starting a new semester, beginning a new regime and then feeling disappointed when you are unable to keep it up!(I would know, I’ve done it more than once) That is why this time I have tried to start at what I believe is the best time for myself.