Food Journal: Day 1

A successful day of food journaling! Even though I did not put calories in my journal when I recorded what I ate, it still made me aware of what I was putting in my mouth… especially since i’d have to post about it!11846049_10153168086298473_2024996874_nI don’t have photos of everything I ate, however I did photograph my dinner! Pasta is huge in my house. My mom makes it more than what we probably should! It’s economical and everyone loves it. Although it wasn’t the best meal(pfft.. who says!) I still ate the pasta in moderation! Moderation: Another thing I’m learning! There have been waaaay too many times I’ve restricted myself, which lead to me not following through with my weightless journey!



Where to start? Small steps.

Every time I had begun a new diet or change, I’d end up giving up after a week. In the end, I’d end up disappointed in myself. It wasn’t until a friend had told me I didn’t have the proper tools that I realized I needed to do some more research.


I’m beginning my journey with small steps. I’m beginning with a food journal, but I will not be counting calories yet. I am just wanting to start by realizing what I am eating on a daily basis. After doing much research I am grateful that Laura, from I Heart Planners, had some thing fun, cute and perfect for myself! She has so many great free printables on her site and I am so grateful!! Everyone needs to visit her site! To see what I’m talking about…Click Here! Or click the image below 🙂