Weekend Update: Food, Friends, and Family!

I had such an amazing weekend! It was so busy and I was out and about so much that blogging was just not happening! So here is a lovely bulk of everything! First off, one of my greatest friends came to visit from Edmonton! We hadn’t seen each other in a year 😦 It was so amazing to catch up with her and just relax and enjoy Vancouver! We met a year ago in Quebec City at Laval University and I’m so grateful to call her a friend. She’s honestly one of the greatest people out there, she’s always motivating me and is just all around an amazing person!


We had a lovely walk around the seawall, and then ate some food, sangria and well.. we had ice cream haha. It was well deserved after our 10 km walk around the seawall! Honestly, I didn’t feel guilty one bit 🙂


Then the following day (Saturday), Me, my mom, and sisters went to a synagogue to celebrate my Uncle’s first aliyah! After 4 years of studying, my Uncle has converted to Judaism and I could not be happier for him. He has found spiritual fulfillment and that is so great.


 Not only was it a time for our family to celebrate, it was great to see my cousin who was home visiting from Israel! She’s been living there for a couple of years now and was home for a visit.  It was a blessed day with so much joy and love!


This same weekend we went out to Maple Ridge! I love being farther out in the country. It’s when I get to see huge yards, blast the country music and admire all the horses! Anyways, my step-dad was working out there so me, my mom, and sisters went to pick him up and make a drive out of it. While waiting for my step-dad to be done, we found an apple tree! Which was great, so we picked a bunch of apples off of it for a snack and maybe some apple sauce? Either way, they were delicious!


Hope ya’ll had as good of a weekend as I did! xo


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