Update: Food, Fitness, and School!

Hey Guys!

Sorry for being MIA, it’s been a busy few days! I had the last of my finals on monday, and it feels sooooo good to be done! Finals are always stressful time. It’s really important to be able to take a minute for yourself to relieve some stress. For me, that was going and playing some soccer with my little sister.


Now, I am not by any means great at soccer. However, my sister, who is 10, has been doing soccer for the last year and we always have fun tossing around the ball and getting our sweat on! Believe me, it can be a sweat. With that being said, my food intake hasn’t been too bad! I have a massive salad for lunch the other day, but other than that everything has been snack foods because I was on the go so much. This meant a handful of nuts, tuna and crackers, and my typical oatmeal! Although, I can’t lie… I REALLY wanted to grab a frapp from starbucks or a bag of chips BUT I didn’t 🙂 I haven’t incorporated too much fitness this week, which is something that I will be changing. I wanted to do some research and figure out what would work best for me and what I could completely commit to. I also want to make sure that it’s something I feel is rewarding to me.

Talk soon lovelies! 🙂 xx


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