Food Journal: Day 3

Today was a catchup day around the house. I spent most of the time cleaning and such (which I enjoy doing sometimes!). I woke up this morning, had a full glass of water and had some tea!


I didn’t blog about my dinner yesterday because I posted a little early, however it was delicious! I had garlic and herb Basa fish, perogies, and some salad! Here’s a little photo to start your salivary glands 🙂


Now on to today! I ate oatmeal again, which was delicious. I’m a bit obsessed! Then because I got really busy with cleaning and then grocery shopping I didn’t have time to do anything exciting for lunch.  Instead I opted for my fav, tuna and a few crackers 🙂 For dinner, I really wanted to try something that I love and turn it in to a healthier version. I made healthy Taco bowls! yumm!

First off, I started by taking whole wheat tortillas and baking them on a cupcake mold turned upside down. After I baked them in the over for about 10 mins at 375F. They were a perfect alternative to deep frying them, which yes… I have been guilty of! (not a proud moment),


Then I cooked up some extra lean chicken and added my own taco seasoning. In the seasoning I put Cumin, Chili powder, Onion powder, garlic powder, and some sea salt. The seasoning was literally the exact same, but without all the extra crap in it! 


I am so lucky my step-dad has a green thumb. He built a garden on our property a few years back and it has been such a blessing! So I went down to the garden, got some tomatoes and lettuce for my meal. I also picked up some hot peppers and all the ingredients for my salsa! It was so light and fresh, perfect for summer!


Then I put everything together and voila! A delicious meal for one 🙂 Actually I made enough for my whole family and a few of my sisters friends so… more like 10! Either way, it was quick, easy, and healthy!



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