Fit Friday: Food Journal, Hiking, and a bit of beauty!

Hey guys! Ahh first off, I did my nails today and LOVELOVELOVE them! I use to spend so much money on my nails, but being a student it just doesn’t make sense! I found a great alternative way to have cute nails and save money! First off I used some clear fake nails, glued them on, then painted my nails with my new fav Essie color: Blanc! They look exactly the same as when I got them done at the salon. 

Secondly, I have to give a shout out to one of my best friends, Aman! One of my major supporters in all my endeavours. She’s always there when I need her and want to vent! We went on such a beautiful hike today! We spent a couple hours as lynn headwaters in North Van, which was a treat! It’s such a beautiful scenery, it didn’t even feel like a workout (although I was sweating :P)


And now on to food, eating well is much easier when you have people around you on the same page! My friend, Aman, just finished a juice cleanse so everything was kept pretty light! I had oatmeal this morning with blueberries and a bit of coconut sugar & cinnamon. Then I made smoothies with Aman. We made black cherry with chocolate protein smoothies (delicious!) I’ll have to post the recipe on another post some time 🙂 this one has gotten pretty long! 
11845983_10153170063353473_1492103267_nmy breaky 🙂


Black Cherry Protein Smoothie!

☀ ☀ ☀

Hope Everyone is having as good of a friday as I am!!


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